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Unfortunately, this Spring the Trianon Theatre was sold and is no longer operating as a musical performance venue. After an extensive search for a new home, the SJCMS Board of Directors decided to relocate our concerts just a few blocks away to the Concert Hall at the San Jose State University School of Music and Dance. We hope that you, our loyal audience, will follow us to our new home.

Enjoy our 2019 - 2020 season - Our 34th! 

Our 34th season presents the world of chamber music for
you — featuring string quartets, piano trios, and Bay Area
star Jon Nakamatsu! Ensembles from Paris, the U.K.,
Germany, New York City and the Bay Area!

  • STRING QUARTETS: the Calidore, Modigliani, and St. Lawrence.
  • PIANO TRIOS: the Gould Piano Trio with clarinetist Robert Plane, and the Phaeton Piano Trio.
  • THE BAY AREA’S BEST: St. Lawrence String Quartet. Ensemble San Francisco with oboist James Austin Smith and celllist Angela Lee. Jon Nakamatsu joining the Modigliani for the Brahms Piano Quintet.
  • Commemorating the 250th anniversary of BEETHOVEN’s birth in 1770!
    String Quartets Op.130 with Op.133 Grosse Fuge and Op.131; Piano Trios Op.1/#1, & Op.70/#1 Ghost, and the first hearing of a newly discovered piano trio movement fragment (which Robert Levin is completing); Cello Sonata #2 Op.5/#2.
  • Double helpings of MOZART, MENDELSSOHN & DVOŘÁK, plus BRAHMS, SAINT-SAËNS, RAVEL, STRAVINSKY, & BRITTEN and our first hearing of rediscovered Carl FRÜHLING & of Pulitzer Prize-winner Caroline SHAW!

    Our 34th Year of Live Chamber Music!

Join us for the best of chamber music presented at the Concert Hall at the San Jose State University at:

San Jose State University
Music Building
1 Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192

Please check back later for more information regarding parking.

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